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Celebrate the canines that work for us everyday.

Learn about the dedicated trainers and watch demonstrations of these amazing animals that enrich our lives, protect, and comfort us.

NOTE: Please keep your pets home during this event.
Planned schedule for the day:

11A.M. Storytelling by Christie Keegan

11:30 Terry Forrester detecting low blood glucose
Terry will share with us his experience with service dogs and training his rescue dog to alert him when he has dangerously low blood sugar.

12:15 Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides guide dogs to people with vision loss. We are passionate about connecting exceptional dogs with individuals for greater independence.

1:00 Rally Dogs Demonstration

1:30 Open mic. for storytelling-tell a personal story about a dog

2:00 Lyme Disease discussion

2:30 LASAR with Demonstration

Lower Adirondack Search and Rescue (LASAR) is a wilderness search and rescue team located in the Adirondack Region of New York State. The team's more than 60 volunteer members are dedicated to searching for lost people. We do this by using skills learned through extensive classroom education and field training. LASAR has no regular source of funding. The Team is dependent upon contributions from individuals, groups, businesses and community organizations. The Team provides information on wilderness safety through lectures and demonstrations to various community groups.

3:00 LLBean 1st Aid "Hiking with your dog" Connie Thayer
Hiking can be a wonderful way to spend time with your dog, while giving you
both much-needed exercise and fresh air. Prepare your dog for a day hike
that is safe and enjoyable for both you and your canine companion.

3:00 + Newfoundland Club (pulling carts)

3:30 TDI

4:00 Saratoga County K9 unit
The K-9 Unit of the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office consists of eleven NYS certified K-9's and handlers. Eight of the K-9's are certified for narcotics detection while the remaining three are certified for explosive detection. All K-9's and handlers are trained for tracking, area and building searches, handler protection, criminal apprehension and public relations. K-9 patrols work seven days per week, three shifts per day and are on call 24 hours per day. K-9 patrols respond to requests for assistance from outside police agencies as well as out-of-county agencies. Commonly these requests are made for assistance in apprehending a suspect, finding a missing person, locating narcotics, and detecting explosives. To receive a NYS certification every K-9 and handler must undergo a rigorous 6-month training period. K-9's and handlers are evaluated by a NYS certified instructor.

12-3 Bake Sale with cake walk - Homestead crew

+ Agility Demonstration
+ Face painting & kids crafts
+ Dog Games for Children
+ Saratoga County Animal Shelter