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Dog of the YEAR Contest
Do you know extraordinary dogs?

"Show and Tell" us about them.
Online Contest Entry Process:

The winning Dog of the Year will be announced at Hudson Crossing Park's Canines Crossing at the Park event on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Online entries may only be made between 8/20/2017 and 9/10/2017.

1. Tapping the "entry button" that will take you to the contest entry form where you can enter information about an extraordinary dog. (Limited to 100 words)

2. NEXT, upload a photo file of the dog (Photo must be JPG format and a file size less than 3.5 megabytes.

3. After submitting your entry you will be go to Paypal where you may use a credit card or Paypal to donate your $25. Note: You do not need a paypal account to do this.

We will review the contents of your entry and add your photo and text "Why your dog should be Dog of the Year" to our Facebook album for the public to see and vote for by "Likes".

Failure to comply with these rules, incomplete forms and improperly formatted / sized photo files will void your entry.
DOG of the Year Prizes:

Orvis G.C. $150.

LLBean G.C.

Merchandise from:
- Purina
- Elanco

Signed copy "My Dog is The Best"

Painted portrait of the winner by Feathered Antler of Saratoga Springs

Needle felted likeness of the winner


FLOWERS donated by Jan's Flowers of Saratoga Springs

Mail-in Contest Entry:

Mailed entries postmarked later than September 7, 2017
will be void

To enter the contest by mail and a check tap the "View / Print Entry Form" button. Follow the instructions on the form.
Voting on Facebook will begin September 3, 2017.

From the top 5 entries (with the most Facebook "likes") a winner will be determined by a panel having reviewed the content of the entries.
You may only enter from 8/20 - 9/10/2017