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Our mission is to tie environmental responsibility to economic revitalization,
and to engage people of all ages in making informed choices for a sustainable future.
To achieve our mission we have three objectives:
• To foster environmental stewardship
• To emphasize the area's natural, cultural, and economic history
• To establish a public park that is an educational and recreational destination
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The PERFECT Bug Zapper - Build a Bat House
Thanks to Girl Scout Brenna Rosen, the Park now has bat boxes installed.

You know that Swallows are good day time bug catchers but did you know why Bats are better than bug zappers?

Bats are incredibly important not only to our natural world but to our economy. As primary predators of night-flying insects, bats help to control many of our most annoying pests. A single little brown bat can catch 1,200 mosquito-sized insects in an hour. Electric bug zappers kill an average of 50 insects in an hour and the majority of them are beneficial.

Big brown bats consume costly crop pests including cucumber beetles, June beetles, leafhoppers, cutworm moths and corn earworm moths.

Bats are not blind. Those that do hunt in the dark have developed a system to help detect objects. These bats produce sounds at high frequencies. By listening to the echoes of these sounds, bats are able to discern objects. This is known as echolocation. Using the reflected sounds, they form pictures in their brains just like we do by interpreting reflected light with our eyes.
Bats are the only flying mammal. While bats are often associated with rabies, like all mammals, bats can contract the disease but less than 1 percent of bats carry it.
To see "How to Build a Bat House" click the image (left)
or go here: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-build-bat-house-3879120.html

This site is helpful too:
Tom Robinson: Voice Over professional is available to write, record, and produce your public service campaign for your non-profit organization. You can hear Tom here and along our Riverwalk Sensory Trail.

Discounted rates apply. No job too small or too large. Send your request to trob983@gmail.com.
Tom Robinson
The Voice of Hudson Crossing Park
"A Day at the Beach"
Bats beat Bug Zappers
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