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1755 Battle of Lake George
1757 Surrender of Fort William Henry
“Happily we found ourselves near an island and waterfall, whose sound mingled with the noise we made in crossing the river.” Expedition Journal from 1745 French & Indian raid on Fort Clinton at Saratoga.

Left: Drawing of Fort Clinton by Brandow

Earlier, French and Indian raiders who attacked Saratoga in 1690 were headed for Albany but after they destroyed the settlement here, they turned west along the Saratoga Trail which led them to Schenectady.
1758 Embarkation of Abercrombie’s Expedition
"French & Indian" Wars:
1690 – 1759

King William’s War
Queen Anne’s War
King George’s War
French and Indian War

Schenectady by L. F. Tantillo
As you walk the Eagle Point trail you hear the rapids long before you get to a point where you can see them.
It’s easy to see how the sound would mask raiders crossing.

During this raid, I believe over 100 prisoners were taken and jailed in Quebec.

During the French and Indian wars, armies and raiders alike used these trails. Attacks on French forts to the north by the English were met with attacks on English settlements along the trails by the French.

This was a dangerous place to live back then because the area was in the middle of two warring empires, France anbd England.

Click the poster image for a larger version or the "Waterways of War" image to link to: A traveler's guide to the French & Indian War forts and battlefields along America's Byways in New York and Pennsylvania
In 1745, there was a raid on Ft. Clinton, located just south of the Schuyler House. The raiders used the rapids here to hide the noise they made crossing the Hudson. You can experience the sound while on our trails near the river.
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