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If you ever rode in a "Bumper Car" at the county fair, you were riding in an electric car. The long rod that runs up to the ceiling makes the motor run when the ceiling is electrified. If that car was on a track, and the rod hooked onto an overhead wire, it might be called a trolley ride.

At the beginning of the 20th century (1900 - 1931), the Hudson Valley Railway (an electric trolley service) began service to communities from Albany to Warrensburg and many places in-between. It provided easy access for shoppers and commuting workers.

The dam in Middle Falls, NY in the Battenkill, provided power for the system. Modernized, the dam still generates electricty
Hudson Valley Railway Bridge over Fish Creek. Note the highway bridge and sluice that is now a tube carrying water to a power generator.
Hudson Valley Railway Running up Broad Street near Ferry Street
The trolley crossed Hudson Crossing Park site and this image shows a car in Thomson, just across the river, where the tracks split to go to either Greenwich or Fort Edward. The movie poster is for a silent movie named Tempest and Sunshine and was playing in Greenwich at the White Swan Hotel.
Imagine what it must have been like to ride across the Battenkill gorge without seatbelts. This post card shows the Greenwich trolley nearing Ondawa Park.
When walking the Eagle Point Trail, look down stream to see the piers from the Hudson Valley Railway trestle.
To learn more about the railways in our region click the image (left)
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